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Great Lakes Pot Pies Shipping Information
Great Lakes Pot Pies UPS Shipping Map

Choose from one of our many shipping bundles. Some bundles all contain the same item, while others are combinations of items. If there’s a bundle that you’d like to order that isn’t currently listed on our site, give us a call at: 248-266-1160 or send an email to [email protected]

Great Lakes Pot Pies (GLPP) values you as our customer.

Each pie is carefully wrapped and packaged. We ship our pies frozen. When you receive your package, place items in the freezer.

We ship Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday with pies arriving in 1-3 days. Please reference the map to determine when your order will deliver, or call GLPP to find out when delivery would be. Dry Ice – There should be little or no dry ice remaining when your shipment is delivered. The dry ice package will be near the bottom of the shipment.

  • Please use caution when handling the dry ice bag.
  • GLPP is not responsible for incorrect address information.
  • Please ensure the recipient will be in town on arrival day.
  • We cannot intercept and redirect packages once they have shipped.
  • We don’t ship to PO boxes.

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Thank you to all our customers for your support!!

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